Celebrate National (What?) Day

If you want to add a little variety to your weekday schedule, just go online to find one of those novelty observance days. For instance, today is National Cheeseburger Day. That’s reason to celebrate on a Monday, isn’t it?

Five Guys Burger-With Lettuce Instead of a Bun

Sam makes delicious burgers at home but we decided to go out for dinner tonight. I checked online for National Cheeseburger Day discounts or promotions, but I didn’t find a local one that would work for us.

We headed to Five Guys. They didn’t have a National Cheeseburger Day sale or special, but we do love their burgers and their friendly customer service. The location near our home will accommodate gluten-free diets. They don’t offer gluten-free buns, so I order my burger wrapped in lettuce. It’s a little messy, but I prefer picking up a burger rather than eating it with a fork and knife. The fries are fantastic, and our location has a dedicated fryer.

Of course, you should check individual locations to be sure they can safely accommodate your dietary restrictions. Ask questions if you are not sure.

For us, Five Guys is a fast-food favorite.

One of the real Five Guys at the store in 2014. He was gracious about having his photo taken.

Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day…Arggh!